T-20 World Cup starting to 16 October, Let see how will champion?

Australia’s ninth T20 cricket season gets underway on October 16. The world’s top teams will contend for it. The eighth World Cup for T20 cricket will be held in a little more than ten years because the sport has quickly gained a following around the globe.
One time every two years, this competition is held. This competition will take place in Australia in 2020.
It was scheduled to take place but was delayed until 2021 because of Covid. In the meanwhile, India served as the host, but thanks to Covid, Arabia and Oman hosted the event.

This was also scheduled to happen in 2018, but it was postponed because to the ICC Trophy in 2017. Due to Kovid, it had to alter its schedule. It will now be structured in accordance with its timeline beginning in 2022. Now that this has been set up, all 16 teams are prepared and capable of getting started. Which of these 16 teams can win the championship must now be determined.
The competition now features 16 teams, but 20 teams are expected to be added so that T20 cricket may grow. More than a hundred countries play T20 cricket, according to the book Cutpiece Cricket. Since the introduction of T20 cricket, the sport of cricket has swiftly developed.

With one team each from Pakistan, South Africa, Bangladesh, Groups 1 and 2, as well as India, while the reigning champions Australia, New Zealand, England, Afghanistan, and Groups 1 and 2 each have a team. The key takeaway from this is that while countries like Zimbabwe, West Indies, and Sri Lanka are in the qualifying round, teams like Afghanistan are playing in the championship match.

The Rohit Sharma-led Indian team is reportedly capable of incredible feats this time. This team’s excellent batting lineup is its expertise.
Australia, the hosts, is a serious contender this time around. Although other teams should not be disregarded, India, Pakistan, Australia, and England are considered to be the top challengers. According to recent performances by the top contenders, 2018 World Cup is going to be a challenging one. See who will succeed as the winner.

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