England beat Pakistan by 4-3 to win the series

Superb fifty by Malan.

England beat Pakistan by 4-3 – With the help of a superb fifty from David Malan and three wickets from Chris Woakes on Sunday in Lahore, England defeated Pakistan by 67 runs in the seventh T20I.

With this victory, England beat Pakistan by 4-3 in the pre-T20 World Cup series. While Mohammad Rizwan got one run and captain Babar Azam went out for four runs, England had set Pakistan a target of 210 runs.

For 33 runs, Pakistan’s three wickets had been lost. Shan Masood of Pakistan attempted to win the team, scoring 56 runs in 43 balls.Chris Woakes, though, also told him to leave

Pakistan Performance.

On social media, some are complaining that Pakistan’s team lacks strength following Mohammad Rizwan and Babar Azam.

“So after the elimination of Babar and Rizwan, the entire batting line will surrender?” tweeted Pakistani actor Fakhr-e-Alam. Is this the team’s strategy? Soon after, England lost two wickets as well, but they kept playing.

Pakistan Media.

Faisal Javed Khan of Pakistan wrote that the T20 series against England exposed the team’s vulnerabilities. According to Faisal, strike rate and team selection should be the main concerns.

After Pakistan’s defeat over England, fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar added that his team’s middle order is weak. According to Shoaib Akhtar, if Pakistan’s top order collapses, the middle order will also fall apart.

You cannot attend the World Cup and win the World Cup in this manner. It’s really sad.

Shoaib Akhtar.

Shoaib expressed his concern that Pakistan might not get past the World Cup’s opening round. He stated: “They have had previous warnings from me to address their middle order and enhance it.

But they don’t pay attention. But maybe Pakistan will have a successful World Cup comeback. Losing is not enjoyable for Pakistan.

” Shoaib Akhtar underlined the possibility that the Pakistani cricket squad will improve after its blunders.

Rameez Raja, the chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board, has urged cricket supporters to have faith in the group.

In an interview with Jio Teva prior to the game against England, he stated, “We are not the best team in the world, but cricket is spreading happiness. Not only one or two players on the Pakistani team are capable of winning games.


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